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Sarah Wayne Callies Returns for Season 3

Wednesday, August 1, 2007 
Ask Ausiello on Prison Break

Question: For the love of Diet Raspberry Snapple, please tell me all these rumors about the recasting of the Sara Tancredi character on Prison Break are not true and that Sarah Wayne Callies will reprise her role in Season 3.— Adie 

Ausiello: I can confirm that they are not recasting her role. And that, unfortunately, is all I can confirm.

August 7, 2007
Ausiello Report Vodcast: Episode 24
Ausiello's got the scoop on a possible Prison Break cast shake-up. 
Watch Vodcast: http://www.tvguide.com/Special/Vodcasts/ausielloReport.aspx

Ausiello Report Vodcast 24 Transcript

Welcome back to another edition of the Ausiello Report. I’m TV Guide’s one-man scoop kitchen, Michael Ausiello.

Is Prison Break’s leading lady getting sprung? 
Rumors persist that Sarah Wayne Callies may not be returning to Prison following her maternity leave next year, fueling speculation that our producers plan to introduce a new love interest for Wentworth Miller.

While I don’t have any confirmation of the latter, I can put your mind at ease about the former. Sarah’s manager assures me that her client will definitely be returning next season. Now the only question is: for how long?… You don’t expect me to answer that one do you?



Now I'm profusely sweating!!! Thanks for the news though *sigh*
Boomie! I'll just die if SWC leaves the show!! Who would we have to drool over? *paces*
I know you!!! There's only one YOU who calls me by that nickname *giggles*
If I was someone else... I would have thought that you're a genius. And how on earth did you come up with this idea? It's the most useful and less aggravation there is out there... so for all this, I give you 100+ kudos *claps hands*

"Who would we have to drool over?" Uhmmmmm you know Nurse Katie? Remember her? She's the one who wears those blue scrubs and easy on the eyes *smirks*
LMAO! Indeed, you do know me! Don't tell; I'm trying to remain anonymous here. :p

If I was someone else... I would have thought that you're a genius.
Sooo... I'm not a genius then?? LOL

I originally made it just for myself to use, but then I figured that other fans might find it useful too. Don't you hate jumping around to five different sites just to be sure you're up on all the gossip? I wanna know the second SWC annouces the birth!

Nurse Katie!! *whacks Boomie* I'm going through withdrawls here! Seen any good vids lately?
I hear you loud and clear oh great one *chuckles* And fyi, your goat needs a makeover.

"Sooo... I'm not a genius then?"
I would love to tell you otherwise but you might blow out of proportion. And besides, you have enough of your fair share of praises :P

I know! I love the fact that this LJ has all the info I need. "I wanna know the second SWC annouces the birth!" Haven't you heard yet? Oh lord... should I tell you? Should I? Uhhmmmm... maybe not!!!

Oh come'n!!! She's lovely and funny! I love her to be my best bud. And I just recently saw the clips of SWC on that commentaries for season 2. Have you got a hold of it yet? The only problem is, I can't seem to make my speakers work... so I can't hear a d@mn thing of what she's saying *cries* And I'm trying to d/l this season 3 manuscipt. I think it's bogus but might as well try ;)