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Sarah Wayne Callies is NOT Returning

Ausiello Report, 9/7/2007:

The Truth Is Out — and So Is Prison Break's Doc!

OK, now you worrywarts have something to wring your hands about: The Ausiello Report has just learned that after giving birth, Sarah Wayne Callies is not returning to Prison Break after all.

Shocking, right? Especially given the way the actress' manager has been insisting for weeks that her client would be back. (The words "pants on fire" come to mind.)

We already knew that Callies was MIA from the opening credits in the first two episodes and that, for the one scene in which Dr. Sara appeared, a body double was used. But nonetheless, trusting souls that we are, we believed the mom-to-be still had a job. Well, no more. There's a story here, and you're gonna get it.

Um, as soon as we do.

In the meantime, feel free to work out your grief over this turn of events through cybersupport groups, viewing parties of key scenes from past seasons and especially tear-stained blog posts. Also, any guesses as to the "creative" way insiders are saying Callies' absence will be addressed? — Additional reporting by Ben Katner 

Posted at JustJared.com:
UPDATE: A publicist for FOX just issued a statement exclusively to JustJared.com: “Actually – the network and studio has not confirmed that Sarah Wayne Callies has departed the series this season. Dr. Sara Tancredi plays a significant part in the storyline this year.” So the question still remains — will Callies return as Dr. Tancredi?