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E! Online August 2007 Transcripts

Transcribed by ephiny79

Since some recent interviews keep being twisted, here's the latest from E! Online.

Watch with Kristin - August 29, 2007

And don't expect to see much of Sarah Wayne Callies on 'Prison Break' this season. Sources tell me that, because of her real life pregnancy, she'll appear in a few flashbacks but not much more. Looks like Wentworth needs a new love interest, ladies! Line up at the door.

Watch with Kristin - August 19, 2007

Kristin: Speaking of murderers and multiple personalities, Let's talk 'Prison Break.' I recently visited their brand new set in Dallas, Texas and got a little Season 3 preview from Dominic Purcell. Chances are he'll be hot and sweaty, so let's take a peek.

Dominic: Well, we're back to what we do best, which is, you know, the whole prison thing. Um, we have uh... Season 3's all about the Panamanian prison. I'll give you a little insight into the third season. We've got Bellick walking around in a diaper the first six eps, so you can kind of work out what's goin' on there. You got, uh, Mahone, who's starting to lose his mind. He hasn't got his pills. Uh, you know, apart from it being incredibly dramatic and intense, it's also kinda fun. You know, it's an outrageous, hilarious senario.

TCA Red Carpet with Korbi Ghosh - July 24, 2007

Korbi: So, you're back in prison, sir.

Wentworth: Yes. Things have come full-circle yet with the reversal, 'cause I'm on the inside and Licoln's on the outside.

Korbi: Can I assume that there may be a possibility of another break?

Wentworth: Uh, there may be, as the name would seem to suggest. Um, there certainly won't be another tattoo, or, at least, the tattoo I have is totally irrelevant to this present situation. But I think that's part of our winning formula. You know, it's a show about what happens when you put eight or nine alpha-dogs in a box and shake it, and you have a bunch of enemies who have to work together to achieve some kind of goal.

Korbi: Gotta have the Sarah question. What's goin' on with her this season?

Wentworth: You know, umm, Sarah has some family business going on right now which is the best possible business, umm, imaginable.

Korbi: She's pregnant.

Wentworth: Um, and that has, um, made our shooting schedule a little bit more complicated than usual, but I will say that, for Michael and Sara, this is a pivitol year, and the fans can expect quite the roller coaster ride.

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