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SWC in the Premiere & Mahone Spoiler

Ask Ausiello Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Question: Do you happen to know in which episode Sarah Wayne Callies returns to Prison Break?— Isabelle
Ausiello: Sarah Wayne Callies or Dr. Sara Tancredi? I'm not sure when Sarah Wayne Callies is back — Spoiler alert! — but Sara Tancredi makes a blink-and-you-missed-her cameo in the season premiere. It's also worth noting that Callies' name has disappeared from the opening credits. Her manager, however, assures me that her client is "returning to Prison Break this season."

Question: I think I'm entitled to a little Prison Break scoop!— Amy Lyn
Ausiello: Mahone's going to do something very out of character in the premiere: *a** *i*****'s **fe. And in Episode 2, Linc turns to an old friend to help break Michael out of that hellhole of a prison. 

For those who can't see it, that's "Save Michael's life."

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I LOVE THIS PBRSS feeds you have going on in here. It's concise and up to date. And did I mention JUICY?! But I think I'll be spoiler free from this day on. News/rumors concerning SWC puts my emotions on a scale and it's not healthy for my own good :(

I'm not very happy about all of these dire rumors either. I think I'll go watch my nothing-but-Sara version of S2 to console myself.
*hugs back along with sloppy kisses*

I should be reprimanded but some things are just better read than left hanging... right? But I'm glad you're keeping facts and rumors to its rightful place ;)

"I think I'll go watch my nothing-but-Sara version of S2 to console myself." I think I'll read more fanfics right about now *giggles* and maybe attempt to bake blueberry pie and feed it to my imiginary pet. How amusing lol.